General Kowledge Quiz 12

World GK is one of the sections of General Knowledge/ General Awareness subject included in a variety of exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Bank PO, Clerk, UPSC, etc. This section is considered high-scoring and it aims to test the candidates’ knowledge/ awareness about various topics related to the world. There is no fixed pattern by which world General Knowledge questions are asked in the competitive exams. The questions can be put up from World economics, history, geography, etc. That’s why it is important for aspirants to go through as many World Gk Questions with answers as possible for the exam preparation.

In this post, we are providing the most important and latest World General Knowledge questions and answers for the preparation of various competitive exams. Plus, we are updating the questions regularly to keep you updated with world general awareness. If you too have any question or doubt then you can post it in the comment section below.

General Knowledge Overview

General knowledge is information that has been accumulated over time through various mediums. It excludes specialized learning that can only be obtained with extensive training and information confined to a single medium. General knowledge is an essential component of crystallized intelligence. It is strongly associated with general intelligence and with openness to experience.

Studies have found that people who are highly knowledgeable in a particular domain tend to be knowledgeable in many. General knowledge is thought to be supported by long-term semantic memory ability. General knowledge also supports schemata for textual understanding. In 2019, it was found in a survey that New Zealanders had “concerning” gaps in their general knowledge.

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People high in general knowledge tend to be highly open to new experiences and in typical intellectual engagement. The relationship between openness to experience and general knowledge remains robust even when IQ is taken into account. People high in openness may be more motivated to engage in intellectual pursuits that increase their knowledge. Relationships between general knowledge and other five factor model traits tend to be weak and inconsistent. Though one study found that extraversion and neuroticism were negatively correlated with general knowledge, others found that they were unrelated. Inconsistent results have also been found for conscientiousness.

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Academic achievement

General knowledge has been found to predict exam results in a study of British schoolchildren. The study examined cognitive ability and personality predictors of exam performance and found that general knowledge was positively correlated with GCSE English, mathematics, and overall exam results. General knowledge test scores predicted exam results, even after controlling for IQ, five-factor model personality traits, and learning styles.

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