Manipur Election Result 2022 Opinion & Exit polls, Live Counting, Prediction

In addition to Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Uttarakhand, and Punjab, Manipur will also have assembly elections this year. On February 28 and March 5, votes casted in Manipur’s assembly elections of 2022, with results announced on March 10. However, a revision to the Manipur Election Result 2022 was made due to requests from various executives, so the election dates were previously announced as February 27 and March.

Manipur Election Result 2022

This #BattleForTheStates preview will guide you on what to expect from the EVM before the results are known for real on March 10, 2022. A poll of polls collates exit poll results from the 2022 elections in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa conducted by various organizations. Is there a possibility of change, or will the incumbents hold on? We have compiled a special poll of exit polls that will help you find out more.

In the opinion poll conducted in partnership with a political campaign management company Design Boxed, they attempted to measure the mood of the voters in the state ahead of the Assembly elections. In Manipur Election Result, the BJP appears to have come back with an estimated vote share of about 41%, while the Congress appears to remain far behind with 30%. A BJP majority is likely to be nearly 33-37 seats, and a Congress majority may be around 13-17 seats. The regional parties Naga People’s Front (NPF) National People’s Party (NPP) are expected to receive 4-6, 2-4 seats, while others may have to settle for 0-2 seats.

Manipur Election Result 2022
Manipur Election Result 2022

Manipur Election Opinion & Exit Polls

On March 19, 2022, the current government of Manipur ends its term, and elections will take place in February and March of 2022. Known for producing champion athletes and revolutionaries, the state of Manipur is the birthplace of Mary Command Meera Bai Chanu. Interesting elections have also taken place there. It is not guaranteed that a party will form the government by securing the 61-seat majority. Power dynamics and alliances forged after the election are also major factors. According to an adage, the public in a democracy is the real king. Therefore, let us look at what Manipur voters have in mind. One India presents an Opinion Poll that keeps you updated about what people think.

Based on a survey conducted from January 9 through January 16 with 4,250 sampled people, the predictions have been made. Random stratified sampling with predominantly three methods is used, including field surveys, CATI’s, and IDI’s with key people in districts and assembly districts. The number of seats a party will win is then determined by using a probabilistic model with a 3-per cent error margin. In the survey, results have been adjusted by age, religion, gender, and caste to reflect the population of the state and districts. Those in the survey were asked questions that reflected the current scenario politically and electorally and gauged the factors that could affect the election outcome.

Manipur Election Live Counting 2022

As a result of these data being gathered, the key concerns of the people of Manipur were asked about. The most prevalent concern was inflation (73%), followed by unemployment (70%) and health services (65%) and followed by education (62%). Similarly, another opinion poll indicated that BJP would lead the Manipur assembly election in 2022. The Indian National Congress is estimated to win 13 – 19 seats with a 28.8% vote percentage, followed by the BJP, which is projected to win 29 – 35 seats out of 60 total seats.

Regional parties may play a king-making role, according to reports. According to the report, there is little reason to expect a clear majority for either the ruling BJP or the opposition Congress party based on the opinion polls for the 60 seats in the Manipur assembly. With 36% votes for the BJP and 33% votes for the Congress, the Voter Opinion Poll indicated a close race. As a result, the BJP is projected to lead the Congress by a narrow margin. The BJP is likely to win 25 seats, while the Congress can expect to win 24 seats to be a tight race. The Naga People’s Front (NPF) is predicted to win four of the 12 seats, while the remaining seven are expected to be won by other parties.

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