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Reading has a central place in learning. That is why we recommend Read Along App for you. An essential application that you need to have in your Android device.

Read Along App

To improve reading skills, the only thing required is a lot of practice. The more of it we do, the better will be our reading. This is particularly important for children who are in a position to develop multiple lingual skills.

Therefore, we bring you this superb Bolo APK. All you need to do is download it from our website and install it on your Android mobile phone or tablet for free. You can check it out and share your experience in the comments sections to let others know.

What is Read Along App?

Google Read Along App is a free and fun-filled speech-based tutor for reading. This is specially designed for children above the age of five.

This children-specific application is created to help the growing children improve their reading skills in English and multiple other languages. These languages include Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Spanish, Portuguese, and Urdu.

Google Read along encourages the learners to read aloud interesting writings which include stories and other age-relevant material. As a person uses it, they can collect stars and badges in addition to supercool “Diya”. This is the friendly built-in app assistant.

The purpose of integrating Diya into the software is to make it listen to what children are uttering. When a child reads, Diya offers real-time positive feedback to the reader and helps them out when they feel confused or get stuck.

If the child reads well, he/she gets positive feedback. And if finds difficulty, the assistant is there to help them out with it.

Once the relevant data is downloaded, the virtual assistant works fine offline and even without data. That means you can use it anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

The reading was not this much easy before. Now that you have an option, why not use it for the benefit of your child and save time on teaching.

Learning With Google

Read Along by Google is an app that’s primarily geared toward children. It aims to help you improve your reading skills in both English and Hindi. The app will encourage you to read aloud and, thanks to the device’s own microphone, will provide you with real-time feedback, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

The initial catalog that you’ll find in Read Along by Google contains more than forty short stories in Hindi and English, which you can start reading with just one tap. Throughout the process, you’ll be accompanied by Diya, the app’s personal assistant. Diya will help you with the pronunciation of any word, will congratulate you when you do a good job, and can even explain the meaning of some words and expressions.

After finishing a story, your little ones can enjoy playing some simple minigames which typically consist of creating words using a series of letters. Diya will pronounce the words you have to form, and you’ll have to put the letters in order. This simple and fun exercise will help your children to learn words related to the story they just finished reading. When you complete these exercises, you’ll also get rewards in the app.

Read Along by Google is an excellent learning app that aims to help little boys and girls around the world (especially those living in India) to learn and improve their levels of Hindi and English in a way that’s convenient, easy, and fun. Plus, you can have several accounts in the same app, so that multiple users can follow their progress on a single device without bothering others.

Features of Google Read Along App

When you install Bolo APK, there you can enjoy the following features.

  • Once the app is downloaded, it works offline, so you don’t need to use data all the time.
  • The app is designed for children, which means there are no ads, all the information created by the app is limited to the device only. This means perfect safety.
  • The Read Along App by Google is absolutely free. It contains a huge collection of books for varying reading levels including the names like Pratham Books, Katha Kids, and Chhota Bheem. In addition to these new ones are added regularly.
  • Reading becomes fun with games. Google is aware of it that means it must contain games that the children can enjoy and use for learning.
  • The in-app reading assistant named Diya helps to read out loud. Helps with correcting the pronunciation, and dictates new words to the children in addition to giving feedback.
  • Google Read Along gives the option to create multiple profiles on a single app. this means tracking the progress of each child is easy.
  • The application personalizes the reading by recommending the right books for each child, as per the requirement and need.
  • It provides reading material in multiple languages and is not just limited to English.
  • An extremely easy user interface to help the learning children.

How to Install Google Read Along?

Surely, this is an app that nobody would like to miss. To download and install the Bolo APK, you will have to follow a few steps.

Here we will detail the complete process from start to end in a step by step sequence. All you need to do is follow the proper sequence and that is all.

  • You will have to tap the “Download APK” button given at the end of this article. This will start the process of download for you.
  • Then go to the Security settings of your Android device and allow installations from Unknown Sources. This will allow for installing third-party apps.
  • If the download is complete, go to the device storage and locate the “Read Along App”.
  • Once you locate it, tap on it and press “OK” a couple of times. This will complete the process of installation.

Now you can move to the smartphone screen and locate the app icon. When located, tap on it to open the application.

You can create and personalize the profiles for your children now. Use Read Along App by Google and let it take care of your child’s reading habits.

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Read Along App is one of the best educational applications out there. You can use it for free and it comes with extensive personalized reading material for kids. Find out more by installing it on your Android smartphone or tablet. Tap the link below and get the Bolo APK for free.

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