KGF Chapter 2 Review : Works Only For Elevations

After the humongous success of KGF: Chapter 1, the sequel is high on expectations. Titled KGF: Chapter 2, the trailer and the promotional content caught everyone’s attention. Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Prakash Raj will be seen in pivotal roles in KGF: Chapter 2. Prashanth Neel is the director and Hombale Films is the producer. Here is the review of KGF : Chapter 2

KGF Chapter 2 Review : Works Only For Elevations

KGF Chapter 2 Review : Works Only For Elevations

KGF Chapter 2 Story:

Similar to the KGF Chapter 1, Anand Vasiraju’s son Vijayendra Vasiraju (Prakash Raj) narrates the Chapter 2 to a TV Channel Editor. Chapter 2 begins with Rocky Bhai ‘s life at the mining city Narachi. Rocky fights with two systems in this film one being the Adheera Gang and second one is the Indian government.

KGF Chapter 2 Analysis:

The success of KGF Chapter 1 can be attributed to two factors. First and foremost, the director had succeeded in heroism elevation, second that the audience are well connected to the rise of underdog Rocky Bhai. The story in chapter 1 had well connected sequences as it progresses. In Chapter 2, The heroism elevation sequences go to next level and there are at least 3-4 sequences each would have costed a bomb to the producers. The brief introduction sequence, Adheera Entrance, Interval sequence and Mind-boggling sequence right after the interval and another high voltage action block in climax make this film a visual grandeur. But, the effectiveness of these technically brilliant scenes is not a comparable to chapter 1. The Mad max film influence can be seen in making of the KGF. Post interval scene is an epic in terms of scale.

On flip side, the Adheera Vs Rocky conflict hasn’t been properly established. The Rocky vs Prime minister thread is superficial. Rocky going straight to PMO to warn the Prime minister, Rocky directly entering the parliament hall to kill the political leader etc. scenes cannot be categorized as heroism elevation. A poor screenplay can be felt at times. A very tragic mother sentiment song is instantly followed by a duet between Rocky and Reena. And entire climax episodes are too farce. These may be excused by masses though.

Ravi’s background score is good; however, it is too loud in few scenes. Bhuwan Gowda’s cinematography is Excellent. Production values by Hombale films are extraordinary they might had shelled out few hundreds of crores on this film

KGF Chapter 2 Positives:

Prasanth Neel’s extremely high scale setting in action episodes Highest spent production values

KGF Chapter 2 Negatives:

Story is weaker,

Confusing screenplay Adheera’s Villainy didn’t work out Convoluted second half

KGF Chapter 2 Verdict:

KGF2 is good at delivering action sequences, but not up to the mark in storytelling. This film is heavy, over-the- top and focusses nothing else than Heroism elevation. Director has made few extravaganza shots that go well with KGF Fans. An average affair for regular moviegoers, satisfactory for the cult of KGF.

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